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Christmas Gifts. Pt 2.
Nom nom nom
I love Christmas.
I love Christmas.

Here are a few Christmas gifts I have made and they are things you can make too.

The first thing I did was bake a lemony-special load of cookies using this recipe (FYI, I halved the amount of chocolate chips - trust me, it's better this way). I couldn't find a jar big enough to hold my treats, so I brought some paper CD sleeves (inspired by this) and twine instead then wrapped-up each individual cookie. I also made some tags to attach. Woo!

Take a look at the finished product:

Cookies and Card - My favourite
Cookies and Card - My favourite

The second thing I did was make lots of cards. (Ok, it was only three).

I made tiny paper buntings which I threaded onto each card. For each cover, I took pretty paper and then cut out letters using a stanley knife (see above pictures). I also made pop-out 'ornaments' for the interior. I can't really explain what I mean, so I posted pictures instead:

Tiny Paper Bunting. "Pop-out" decorations. Weird, sad-looking animals adorned with Christmas gear.
Tiny Paper Bunting. "Pop-out" decorations. Weird, sad-looking animals adorned with Christmas gear.
More bunting. More pop-out things. More sad looking animals.
More bunting. More pop-out things. More sad looking animals.

You might have seen my Reddit post (or not) but I decided to take part again this year - not the Secret Santa again, but a card exchange. One of these cards goes out to someone in the US, woo! (UPDATE: My card giftee received my present. You can read her response here).

... And that was basically my weekend. I wish you luck on your christmas crafting.

I leave you with two pieces of advice:

  • Eating too much cookie batter makes you want to vomit.
  • There's no such thing as too much tinsel.


A Christmas gift. Pt 1:


Last year I took part in the Reddit Secret Santa, a global gift giving bonanza. Reddit is pretty cool and they do all types of exchanges (snacks, books, mugs, you name it). In 2011, they were awarded a Guiness World Record for the largest online Secret Santa! That means that I have an official Guiness World Record for participating. I can even receive the certificate if I want. Woo, life goal #39 complete!

If you haven't heard of Reddit check it out, it's really neat.

Anyway, for my secret santa last year, I made this:

I wanted to do something I would have loved to receive - I have seen many cool gifts on Reddit, so wanted to join the bandwagon (and secretly hope that someone would give me an equally cool present - sadly this was not the case).

I'm really pleased that he enjoyed it! You can read his reaction here.

Just wanted to share some cool DIY gifts. More to come (probably posted after the holidays.. don't want to give any clues away to friends :))

The power of the pen...
A collage of dainty

... to procrastinate! Doodling is one of those past-times that I often find myself completely immersed in when I have significant things to do(odle). This is how the following project came about.

After a recent acquisition of a lovely, mint-hued tea cup, I realised my plain white teapot was rather lack lustre in comparison. Of course, I had to address this dilemma before I could do anything else.

So I turned the following tea pot:

into this:

As you can see, I drew two different patterns on each side. To do this yourself all you need is:

  • A permanent marker (I chose gold)
  • Anything you want to decorate

Then draw to your heart's content.

This  idea was inspired by this post where they used a 99 cent mug instead. Genius.

DIY Wardrobe

I recently moved into a beautiful, loft-styled apartment, which is filled with delightful sun all-day long. However, my move posed two challenges:

  • My room is a turret (You know, one of those tall circular structures you see on castles) - this comes with some interesting interior challenges (I'll be posting some decorating ideas/tricks for circular-shaped rooms. Likewise, if you have any ideas, post them below)
  • I have no built-in-closet!

So, after a handy trip to Ikea, this was the solution I found:

DIY Wardrobe
Completed DIY Wardrobe - Booyah
Completed DIY Wardrobe - Booyah
DIY Wardrobe - Process
DIY Wardrobe - Process

Take two bookcases, a curtain rod, a little bit of patience and (BAM) you have yourself a wardrobe. Enjoy!