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The power of the pen...
A collage of dainty

... to procrastinate! Doodling is one of those past-times that I often find myself completely immersed in when I have significant things to do(odle). This is how the following project came about.

After a recent acquisition of a lovely, mint-hued tea cup, I realised my plain white teapot was rather lack lustre in comparison. Of course, I had to address this dilemma before I could do anything else.

So I turned the following tea pot:

into this:

As you can see, I drew two different patterns on each side. To do this yourself all you need is:

  • A permanent marker (I chose gold)
  • Anything you want to decorate

Then draw to your heart's content.

This  idea was inspired by this post where they used a 99 cent mug instead. Genius.