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Fun things I do on the side

Drawing binge

Why is it that sadness often fosters creativity? I'm not sure but I've been sketching everyday since last Friday. Sure, that's only four days, but drawing is not something I do on a frequent basis. Plus its hard to get into the mindset when life is busy.

Interestingly I'm drawn (ignore pun) to faces - something I have never done or thought I could do. Mine have come out ok.

If I were to take part in "30 drawings in 30 days" I'd have no troubles completing it.



The power of the pen...
A collage of dainty

... to procrastinate! Doodling is one of those past-times that I often find myself completely immersed in when I have significant things to do(odle). This is how the following project came about.

After a recent acquisition of a lovely, mint-hued tea cup, I realised my plain white teapot was rather lack lustre in comparison. Of course, I had to address this dilemma before I could do anything else.

So I turned the following tea pot:

into this:

As you can see, I drew two different patterns on each side. To do this yourself all you need is:

  • A permanent marker (I chose gold)
  • Anything you want to decorate

Then draw to your heart's content.

This  idea was inspired by this post where they used a 99 cent mug instead. Genius.

This is how I learn

I've been taking Mandarin classes for the last six months (that's the language, not the fruit) . One lesson was particularly interesting, as we were asked to construct sentences on how we get to work. I thought it was an excellent lesson to illustrate (you know, to help me learn shit).

Apparently riding a dog or flying a dragon are not appropriate methods of transport.

Also, I should probably listen more, because the title is not grammatically correct.


DIY Wardrobe

I recently moved into a beautiful, loft-styled apartment, which is filled with delightful sun all-day long. However, my move posed two challenges:

  • My room is a turret (You know, one of those tall circular structures you see on castles) - this comes with some interesting interior challenges (I'll be posting some decorating ideas/tricks for circular-shaped rooms. Likewise, if you have any ideas, post them below)
  • I have no built-in-closet!

So, after a handy trip to Ikea, this was the solution I found:

DIY Wardrobe
Completed DIY Wardrobe - Booyah
Completed DIY Wardrobe - Booyah
DIY Wardrobe - Process
DIY Wardrobe - Process

Take two bookcases, a curtain rod, a little bit of patience and (BAM) you have yourself a wardrobe. Enjoy!