Concept One: Reach Your Target  The first concept focused on Target's current corporate branding and uses familiar colour palettes and typography. Using the word "Target" as an inspiration, I took terminology from Archery and Darts, such as "bulleye" and "ace", to tie in with the goal–orientated nature of the challenge. I also created copy for the poster which reinforces these ideas. 
        Concept Two: Stepping Spree  The second concept takes a playful approach to the Steps challenge. Playing on the idea of a "Shopping Spree" I created "Stepping Spree."  The word "Spree" is one that conjures high energy, fun and being unrestrained, so I used a friendly type from the Sanuk family, incorporated flat design and imagery and played with a pink-red/light blue combination to fit this concept.  The app also has "countdown" tips, which have random, fun and helpful suggestions to increase your steps score, ie: walk your cat, take the stairs etc.   For a launch strategy, I created postcards which would be sent weekly, four weeks before the challenge begins and each would show a different tip featured on the app.   These tips are used as the main branding imagery across posters and postcards.
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