Brand/ Visual Designer and Illustrator

Dabo: Onboarding Manual

Dabo Health

"How do you onboard users to a new platform who aren't familiar with technology?"

Dabo Health is a platform designed to provide healthcare analytics for hospitals. From our research, we found that older users felt less comfortable around technology. To aid the transition to a digital platform, these onboarding materials were created, the purpose being to educate and bring awareness of the Dabo platform.

Booklets covers were printed with heavy card stock to give weight and the impression of high quality, whilst also designed to be pocket-sized; both reasons to incentivize a user to keep and carry this wherever they go. The booklet also contained other useful information (ie: conversions from pounds to kg etc) adding a multi-purpose element. Icons from the platform were reused throughout these materials, so visual connections could be made and familiarity with the product could start to form. 

The reason for print served many purposes but mainly to give users a recognizable medium that would help transition from paper to digital.

There were different iterations of this booklet depending on the user. The examples below are for Nurses and Physicians.